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Polar <--> Rectangular Conversion on the HP35s


The HP 35s lacks the y,x→θ,r and θ,r→y,x functions. Replace them with XEQ P001 and XEQ R001 respectively. These programs are identical to the missing functions except that they scratch the variable "R".


P001 LBL P	; y,x→θ,r = convert to polar
P002 STO R	; R stands for "real"
P003 R↓
P004 0i1	; make the other number imaginary
P005 ×
P006 RCL+ R
P007 ARG
P008 LASTx
P009 ABS
P010 RTN

R001 LBL R	; θ,r→y,x = convert to rectangular
R002 STO R	; R stands for "radius"
R003 R↓
R004 COS
R005 LASTx
R006 SIN
R007 RCL× R
R008 x<>y
R009 RCL× R
R010 RTN