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Source code patches by Dechifro

These are patches for software that is either no longer maintained, or maintained by authors who don't like my patches.
Super-patch for John Bradley's XV image viewer
Provides a better Smooth24() function, prevents segfaults when saving a color-adjusted image in PostScript format, and adds PNG support, raw photo decoding, non-destructive deletion, and simulated color-blindness.
Byte order patch for the coreutils "od" command
"od" cannot display multi-byte integers or floats correctly if they are stored in the opposite byte order of your CPU. With this patch, "od -I" is little-endian on all CPUs and "od -M" is big-endian everywhere.
Off-by-one patch for the coreutils "tail" command
"tail -n +3" skips the first two lines of input, and "tail -c +2k" skips the first 2047 bytes. This patch adds a "-z" option telling "tail" to skip the exact number of lines or bytes specified.
Acceleration patch for the FlightGear flight simulator
Time acceleration makes long simulated flights less tedious. Without this patch, FlightGear doesn't speed up the clock to match the accelerated aircraft, causing some instruments to malfunction, and allowing small planes to outrace the sun.
Prefix-matching patch for StarDict
When StarDict 2.4.8 fails to find an exact match, it shows only words that collate after the search word, missing much closer words that collate before it. With this patch, StarDict looks for the longest matching prefix instead.