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Inspired by Eric Raymond's essay Homesteading the Noosphere, I present my modest contribution to human knowledge.

The Noosphere encompasses all knowledge that is freely available to the public. It is subdivided into homesteads, fields small enough for one person to be the acknowledged expert. People claim these fields not for financial gain, but to win the respect of their peers.

This intellectual gift-culture existed long before the Internet, but was inhibited by slow communication and high publishing costs.

Decoding raw digital photos in Linux
Using HBPL printers in Linux
Decoding RCA VOC audio files in Linux
Source code patches for other software
Programs for the HP-32SII and HP-33S calculators
Old MS-DOS programs I wrote 1988-1995
Learning the Abacus (an educational tool)
Converting English text to Shavian script

I may have finally stumbled into a paying job -- data recovery. So far, customers have found me by word of mouth and told me that one or two other data recovery companies found nothing on their six-terabyte RAID array. I find thousands of files, and recover almost all of them.

I charge $1000-$5000 per recovery, but if I fail, you owe nothing. I absolutely will not alter or disassemble your drives, or change any data on them. I only connect them to my computer and copy the recovered files to blank drives.

Are you related to me? Check for common ancestors in my GEDCOM file. The first four names (John Coffin Jr., Marion Kimball, Harold Haley, and Vera Hanson) were my grandparents. George Bush and Dick Cheney are ninth cousins of my father, and Princess Diana was my tenth cousin.

My electronic address is dcoffin a dechifro period org.

Here's a picture of me in Google Street View in June 2009:

Inspirita de la eseo Kolonii la Sciosferon skribita de Eric Raymond, mi prezentas mian modestan kontribuaĵon al homa scio.

La Sciosfero ampleksas ĉiun scion, kiu estas libere kaj publike havebla. Ĝi dividiĝas en bienoj, fakoj sufiĉe malvastaj, por ke unu persono estu la rekonata spertulo. Homoj kolonias tiujn ĉi kampojn ne por mona profito, nur por gajni la respekton de siaj samideanoj.

Tiu ĉi intelekta donacokulturo jam ekzistis longe antaŭ ol la Interreto, sed estis malhelpata de malrapida komunikado kaj altaj eldonkostoj.

Deĉifri krudajn ciferecajn fotojn en Linukso
Rusa-Esperanta Vortaro de E. A. Bokarev
Esperanta Parolsintezo

Mia retpoŝta adreso estas dcoffin heliko dechifro punkto org.